Fly Whisk (Traditional Core)

Regular price $175

This is your traditional western fly whisk with nylon instead of horsehair (more durable). The 9" steel handle is stiff and springy with very little weight which gives you the ability to easily load your throw. No shot load for less weight, easier to toss repeatedly. Very accurate. Falls approximately 15". Choose the handle material (leather or paracord) and falls material (fine white nylon, soft black rosary cord or tarred black nylon bank line) that suits your needs. We will contact you for color choices when we receive your order. We typically have plenty of these in stock.

FYI: I build fly whisks with either a bullwhip-style core (steel handle & shot loaded section) or snake whip core (no steel handle) as well as a traditional-style with no shot load and steel handle. The snake whip core rolls up tight and fits in a saddle bag, the bullwhip and traditional style both have a 9" steel handle.