Sidewinder Micro Bullwhip

Sidewinder Micro Bullwhip

Regular price $80

I designed these as trainer bullwhips for teaching little whipper snappers.

I wanted to play with building perfect whip cores and these little guys were the result of several years of experimentation. These are a sheathed whip design approximately 1/2" at the handle and taper internally down (when compressed with your finger to 1/16” diameter (they don’t look tapered but do taper under load).

I’ve refined the design to be efficient, easy to crack and a ton of fun to throw. They are also budget-friendly, durable and very portable.

These are $80 for a three-foot whip of any stock color. Add length at $15/foot. I can make these up to 100 feet in length. CUSTOM ORDER for lengths over 15 feet. Email Me with details on your custom order and I will respond within 24-48 hours, I typically have a lot of these in stock in various colors and lengths.

Compatible with my Snap Dragon quick-change cracker system. My YouTube channel features videos for learning to throw these whips as well as tricks and fun stuff you can do with whips. Check it out!