4ft Target Mini-Bull Whip - Tech Lace 16 Plat

4ft Target Mini-Bull Whip - Tech Lace 16 Plat

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Tech Lace whips are a budget-friendly option that require much less maintenance than leather. They last a very very long time and are also UV-resistant and weather friendly. They are an excellent choice for a reliable, maintenance-free whip especially when you live in a climate such as Arizona where keeping leather in your truck isn’t the best idea.

The core is multi-layered with a 9" spring steel handle, Steel shot loaded, then there are 2 or 3 hand plated bellies followed by a 16 plat overlay. all layers are Tech Lace

What is Tech Lace?

This is a wiring harness lacing Dimensions 0.1" wide and 0.01" thick flat braided material. Each strand will hold up to 90lbs!

These are far more compact and dense than a paracord whip this Tech Lace allows for finer tapers and is a good artificial replacement for kangaroo hide.

The taper flows the entire length of the whip from approximately 1/2” Heel knot, Body is 3/8" to 1/8"” at the tip.

Please let me know the colors you wish your creation to be.

I have Black, White, Red (Polyester) and Arimid (Yellow) in stock to build whips with.