Pocket Snake/Signal Whip - Oil-Tanned Cowhide

Pocket Snake/Signal Whip - Oil-Tanned Cowhide

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Pocket Snake whips are designed to coil up and fit in your pocket or satchel. The entire whip is flexible.

Our cowhide snake whips are an excellent value yet built for a long lifespan. They are shot loaded with a nylon core that provides durability and increases the lifespan of the cowhide. All of the strands are beveled to lie flat and create an aerodynamic flow. The core also provides a durable anchor point for the falls. The taper flows the entire length of the whip from approximately 3/4” to 1/4” at the tip (very long whips will vary).. Oil-Tanned Cowhide snake whips are available in 12 or 16 plait and lengths of 3 foot to 10 foot. Black or Brown/Tan only in oil-tanned, see veg-tanned for additional colors.

All items are handcrafted to order. Contact us before you place your order to check our current lead times which vary with material/color/construction.

Contact me before ordering for any special requests, such as matching pairs, custom colors/lengths/styles etc.