Snake Whip vs. Signal Whip

Are Your Pocket Snakes Signal Whips or Snake Whips?

Neither -- they are a hybrid. The simple answer is that traditionally signal whips have a falls/cracker system that is not user-replaceable because they were originally used until the cracker broke down under harsh conditions. That feature tends to define them. Snake whips tend to have a non-user replaceable falls (but it is replaceable) and pretty easy to replace cracker. There are, of course, thousands of whip variations but that's the general distinguishing factor. My Pocket Snakes whips are constructed in a hybrid, unique way that gives them incredible agility and accuracy and also a user-replaceable falls/cracker. If you want a traditional falls/cracker system that's also an option with my custom whips. 

Why a hybrid system?

I began braiding whips because I was fascinated with how they worked and what made a better crack. In the Whips 101 section of this site you can read more about the purpose of the cracker/popper and why the core of the whip is so important. All o the work I did developing my whip line convinced me that there is a need for whips with easily replaceable cracker/falls. Not only does this allow the user to avoid the fees associated with having a whipmaker replace the falls/cracker but the user can select the type of cracker they want to play with and change it out in less than a minute. It also avoids the spread of any blood-born illness if the whip touches skin/hide.