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Pocket Snakes

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Let's Get Cracking!

Pocket Snakes was born out of my desire to understand the physics of "the crack" and construct my own whips. As I made more and more whips I realized that learning to throw a whip and perfecting the art of handcrafting whips required countless hours of practice and I didn't always have room for a 12-foot bullwhip.

I became fascinated with hyper-accurate pocket-sized whips that could be used in confined spaces yet gave the same (or even greater) audible crack and throwing experience. Buyers told me they had finally learned to throw a whip because they could practice readily. I make many styles of whips but particularly love customizing the belly of the snake-style whip and combined with the pocket-sized varieties Pocket Snakes was born.

As I learned more about cracker design I became committed to a whip design that allows for a quick-change falls/cracker. While I make custom orders for traditional signal whips (which do not typically have a user-replaceable falls/cracker) I feature my unique Snap Dragons (crackers) as an option on almost all of my designs. Choose the cracker that's best for your use, change out crackers in less than a minute, and avoid injury to your livestock.

If you're looking for that elusive perfect whip for you, talk to me about a custom order.